What is a sexy sounding voice

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Jean Berko Gleason, coauthor of Psycholinguistics and professor emerita at Boston University, tells Answer Fella, "There are a couple of qualities that are generally agreed upon that are attractive in voices. One is a lack of nasality. Nasality means that when you're speaking, you're using your nasal cavity as a resonator.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. Dating and Mating.

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I once became infatuated with someone I thought I knew through the internet, but when we met and I heard his voice, everything changed. For men, an attractive voice is fairly straightforward: a lower one is good, as it indicates size, strength, and reproductive prowess or does it? But for women, it seems to be more complicated.

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I was sure that moany sex meant better sex; to me, the women who used those sounds while they humped were the poster children of the sexually free. I suspected that they were having the coitus of champions, which meant, of course, that there was something I was missing out on. As the years went on, I had other boyfriends, but my decibel level remained disappointingly similar.

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You know how sometimes you wake up, roll out of bed, and sound totally different when you open your mouth? Your voice is suddenly deeper and raspier than usual, and maybe it even sounds better to you than it did when you tucked yourself in the night before. What's behind this phenomenon?

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May I take your policy or reference number? I peered at her over the partition. What was she doing?

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It takes more than visual appeal for a woman to appear attractive to a man. It also has to do with the way she sounds. Sexual reactions to a female voice may be primal in nature and part of human evolutionary biology.

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The voice that you hear when you speak is not the voice that other people hear. When you speak, the sounds of your voice vibrate through your head and chest. But a listener only hears the sound vibrations from your voice that travel through the air, which sounds more stripped down and flat compared with the warm, resonant sound that you perceive.

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By Hannah Furness. Women like Marilyn Monroe have been found to have the most attractive voices, with a high-pitched but breathy quality, according to research. The perfect balance, scientists at UCL found, was a voice showing men were large enough to be attractive but not aggressive.

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Besides the face, which is the first thing you notice on a newly met person? Apart from the face or facial expression, the voice is the most important signal whether the person is friend or foe, bland or tough, hot or disgusting. He made a study revealing that men with deeper voices had more luck with women.


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