Teen alcoholism south africa

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Raising a teenager is a tough task, no doubt. Your child is at a crucial stage of development, changing physically and emotionally. And while this transition is entirely natural and a part of life, the temptation to experiment with dangerous and addictive substances is also a reality.

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Durban - With a staggering number of teenagers consuming alcohol in South Africa, government has partnered with the private sector to tackle the problem of underage drinking. The multi-faceted intervention is influenced by clinical and psychological thinking to address the serious issue. The programme will have a series of activities that will demonstrate to teens that the choices they make now can impact on their future prospects positively or negatively.

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Bona offers readers a diverse range of editorial that is informative, educational and interesting. Click on the cover to see the headlines for this issue and find subscription information below. Pictures: Thinkstock.

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Underage drinking is common in South Africa. Accordingly, aware. One element of the programme is the distribution of specially developed material aligned to CAPS to schools for use in Life Orientation classes, allied with support for the teachers via workshops and online support. Underage drinking is a key pillar in aware.

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Addressing adolescent alcohol use in South Africa. Excessive alcohol consumption constitutes a significant public health problem for South Africans. Levels of binge drinking have been high, but relatively stable, among males sincewhile there has been a significant increase in binge drinking by females since then.

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Read more here. An occasional drink at home with you does not usually stop teens from binging when they are with friends, as binge drinking is the style of drinking that is usual amongst teens now. Blackouts should never happen!

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This is the time of year for end-of-year parties and matric holidays, and now more than ever, it is important for parents to be knowledgeable about the dangers of underage drinking. The University of South Africa UNISA Youth Research Unit Substance Abuse Survey reveals that a significant number of teenagers in the average South African home have at some stage experimented with alcohol, but that the vast majority of parents believe that their children do not drink. The programme also focuses on teaching teenagers techniques on how to avoid peer pressure and to make good life choices.

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Hazardous and harmful drinking is on the rise among adolescents and young adults and has been classified as a major health problem. University students is a subgroup of young adults that are characterised by more frequent, and even more dangerous drinking behaviours than their non-student peers and new intervention approaches are needed to foster behavioural change. The purpose of this study is to investigate the drinking behaviour and socio-demographic profile of a cohort of South African university students and propose future research avenues to address student drinking behaviour. Data analysis included descriptive statistics, reliability analysis, independent sample t-tests and one-way ANOVAs.

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South Africa SA is a hard drinking country. It is reckoned that we consume in excess of 5 billion litres of alcohol annually; this figure is likely to be higher still if sorghum beer is included, and equates to 9 - 10 litres of pure alcohol per person. According to a World Health Organization WHO report released inthis is among the highest per capita consumption rates in the world, and it is continuing to rise.

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Durban - Children should be screened for alcohol use and exposed to regular interventions about the associated dangers, as underage drinking is getting out of control. The average age of admissions had also dropped from 37 to 28, meaning that people were drinking excessively at an earlier age to develop a dependency that needed treatment. Young people tend to engage in binge drinking, defined as women consuming four drinks, and men five, in a short period. This is associated with long-term progression to problem drinking and alcohol-related problems, including road and other accidents, violence and crime.


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