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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. It is the greatest animal battle on the planet, and it has finally been caught on camera. A BBC natural history crew has filmed the "humpback whale heat run", where 15m long, 40 tonne male whales fight it out to mate with even larger females.

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On top of avoiding hunters, entanglement in fishing gear, collisions with ships, and pollution, the female population of humpback whales apparently has something else to contend with… sexual harassment. Often, many males will surround a single female hitting each other in a competition to get close to her and, well… be the seed planting victor. Females become pregnant about every two to four years, and are pregnant with each calf for about 11 to 12 months.

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For the first time, mating humpback whales have been captured in a photo. You can see the intimate moment on this page. Over the years, various videos such as the one below have recorded portions of the mating process.

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They have pointed snouts, paired blowholes, and broad, flat rostrums upper part of their head. Their throat grooves, in addition to streamlining their shape, allow their throat area called the cavum vent-rale to expand during feeding. Their baleen plates are broad and short, and their left and right rows are continuous.

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Why do humpback whales sing? This paper considers the hypothesis that humpback whales may use song for long range sonar. Given the vocal and social behavior of humpback whales, in several cases it is not apparent how they monitor the movements of distant whales or prey concentrations.

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The footage has forced marine biologists to question theory that the mammals only mate once every four years. The two whales were caught in the act by a team of marine biologists studying their behaviour off the south Argentine coast near the province of Chubut. And the double-blubber act which was caught on video has caused them to revise their research because up until now they believed whales only copulated every four years.

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The mournful, curiously repetitious yet ever-changing songs of male humpback whales have long puzzled scientists. The beefed-up, all-male choruses may attract more females to the areas where the songsters hang out. Scientists generally thought that only adult male humpbacks Megaptera novaeangliae sing, says Louis Herman, a marine mammal biologist emeritus at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, and the lead author of the new study.

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The natural beauty and warm waters of Samana Bay located northwest of the country, provides the opportunity to enjoy a show without equal. The sighting of humpback whales that surround us with their impressive acrobatics as well as their puffs of air and misty water. Humpback whales are large cetaceans that measure approximately 52 feet long. Depending on its location it can weigh 50 tonnes those that live in cold areas and 30 the ones that live in tropical areas.

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Due to the space requirements for these intelligent and dynamic animals, we do not exhibit live whales or dolphins. The humpback whale, is featured in Whales: a Journey with Giants a large-scale multimedia presentation. All regions of the world ocean to the margins of ice packs with distribution changing seasonally.

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I suppose she had resolved within herself to see what manner of place dr. I trust you can find it without miss mitchell? Satellite telemetry was used to investigate movement of humpback whales during the breeding season and provide further understanding of the breeding ecology and subpopulation connectivity within the southwest indian. He struck them once or twice, though not very severely on the head, with the rule which he had in his hand.


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