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Most gyms fall into two categories: A so called 'hardcore' gym where an intimidating attitude makes some people feel unwelcome - or a so called 'social' gym that, although extremely friendly, can lend itself 'not ideal' for an intense workout. Welcome to New York Underground Fitness where you don't have to compromise friendliness for intensity As featured in the New York Times inEric Slayton doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk.

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Going to the same gym every day offers much-needed consistency and reliability, but it can also get boring after a few months, or it's simply not possible due to travel or busy schedules. When your weekly schedule resembles less of a regimented schedule and more of a free-flowing string of events, meetings, and life happenings, it's unlikely that you're able to commit to a single gym or gym chain. POPiN is a free app for anyone who wants variety and flexibility in their workout routine, whether out of preference or necessity.

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By Meredith Engel Published : March 02, Recommended Slideshows 9 Pictures. Related Articles Are you ready for Workout Wednesday?

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Skip navigation! Story from New York. If you live here, you know that this city has to offer just about everything. But unfortunately, there's no Zagat for workout classes.

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Here are some tips to finding a good boxing gym. As a general guideline, your boxing gym should be an encouraging atmosphere for learning the sport of boxing. A real legitimate boxing gym should be focused on proper technique and constant improvement.

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Americans have developed a taste for fancy gyms. Low-cost gyms turn a profit by selling memberships to hundreds—sometimes thousands—more people than they can actually accommodate. Most members never come.

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In compiling our ranking, we considered your votes with the most weight and from there gave points to the gyms that best exemplified the factors you said were most important cleanliness, community, and membership cost. The results represent a healthy mix of all different types of gyms across the U. From well-known fitness franchises and small town training centers to some of the most upscale and exclusive clubs in the country, these are 's best American gyms.

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Members are invited to participate in socials, including competitions, a summer-long hiking series, karaoke and apple picking. Top-notch coaching, better than anywhere else, that emphasizes form and technique first. They're also socially involved and supportive of the community, and the place is flat-out fun.

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Most of the design-innovation news that's come out of the sporting goods world in the last little while has been dominated by the two major players: Nike and Adidas. They've got the fastest this, the most high-tech that. Reebok, a company of a similar nature, has been trailing for some time now.

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Strength is a factor in both endurance and flexibility, and strength is developed, in part, by training. Whether your goal is to get in the best shape of your life, or train so you can walk the streets safely and protect your loved ones, I will take you there. When I was a kid growing up in the south bronx ny, gyms were owned by guys in sweats and t-shirts, not suits and ties. They knew you by your name, not your membership number.


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