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By using the site, you consent to these cookies. Vintage patch from Melet Mercantile. As a teen, the actress had worked at a local boutique, and here, she was enthralled with fashion.

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The hottest 'Glee' girls include those women that positively radiate sexiness in the halls of William McKinley High School. Some are students, many of them are glee club members and cheerleaders, and others are faculty members who struggle to keep the sexy kids in line. Who is the undisputed hottest 'Glee' cast member?

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Fans are officially freaking out over Glee 's highly anticipated th episode and it's not because of the massive WMHS reunion or the fan-favorite song selections. Series star Naya Rivera has just revealed one of her costumes for the milestone episode, and believe us when we tell you that you should probably turn on a fan, because they are H-O-T, hot! The sultry songstress posted two new photos onto her Instagram today revealing a barely there outfit and a body that is so banging, it should probably be illegal.

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Vintage patch from Melet Mercantile. Watch strap by Smart Turnout. Watch by Timex. On Lea: Sweater by Relwen.

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GLEE may be corny, but that's part of the fun: a bunch of high school dorks find their inner Britneys, and in the process, show the rest of the school that their too cool to be crammed into lockers. Part of its corniness is the fact that the actors who play GLEE's leads are cute, not to mention great singers and dancers. Parents have to decide that quickly--at least, before the next issue of GQ magazine hits the newstands.

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In this month's GQ magazine, there is a racy photo spread featuring the stars of 'Glee' by lecherous fashion photographer Terry Richardson. The two actresses who were photographed, Lea Michele and Dianna Agron seem to be having a grand ol' time flaunting their fortunate Hebraic genes all around the school locker room. Because the actresses play high school students on TV in real life, they are 24the photos have sparked moral outrage.

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GQ writer Alex Pappademas describes its appeal thusly :. It portrays Christians as hypocrites while subtly pushing values that are pretty Christian, when you get down to it—tolerance, self-sacrifice, giving your baby mama your pool-cleaning money, respecting the songwriting genius of Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. It's as anachronistically sweet as Bye, Bye Birdie but gayer than Hedwig.

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I am such a Gleek. My first reaction was wishy washy at best-- they so have a right to do what they want BUT yowsers was that ever bold! So I washed my hands clean of the heated debate and left it to those other moms. You know, the ones with the older-more-trickier-aged daughters.

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The provocative shoot, titled " Glee Gone Wild," features Michele and Agron in various states of undress, straddling benches and seductively licking lollipops. Considering Glee is a show about high schoolers, the actresses are being called poor role models for starring in the racy pictures. But the Glee sexy photo scandal shouldn't actually be a scandal at all.

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By massive toeneOctober 19, in global celebrities. How the hell did a show about high school theater geeks come to be the biggest TV show in America? That's talent and ambition, you pervs. But so does a generous helping of pot-laced brownies, girl-on-girl subtext, and choreographed dry-humping.