Thenar aspect of thumb

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Muscles are groups of cells in the body that have the ability to contract and relax. There are different types of muscle, and some are controlled automatically by the autonomic nervous system. Other muscles, like the skeletal muscle that moves the arm, is controlled by the somatic or voluntary nervous system.

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NCBI Bookshelf. Kwesi Dawson-Amoah ; Matthew Varacallo. The skeletal muscles of the hand are responsible for the movement of the hand and fingers.

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Thenar muscles are part of the intrinsic muscles of hand that contributes to the finer movements of the thumb including the opposition. Their insertions are primarily on the base of the proximal phalanx of thumb, except for the opponens, which inserts on the first metacarpal. Blood Supply : Superficial palmar branches of Radial arterywhich arises from the radial artery at the level of the radial styloid.

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A cursory review of this area is included in the Upper Extremity Examination. What follows is a description of commonly occurring pain syndromes and pathologic processes involving this region. Presentation and Anatomy: The median nerve travels through a narrow space when it crosses the wrist en route to the hand.

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They are innervated by median nerve, except FPB which also provided by ulnar nerve. Together the muscle group primarily acts to oppose the thumb. The four muscles are:.

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The thenar eminence refers to the bulge that can be seen at the base of your thumb. Its function is very important to what makes human thumbs opposable. The opponens pollicis works to move the thumb away from the other fingers of the hand.

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Its unique opposability allows us to grasp, hold, squeeze manipulate; its enormous strength gives power to our grip; and its unmatched sensitivity matched by an colossal portion of the brain dedicated to its sensations helps us feel the most minute differences in texture, size or pressure. Thumbs are good at so many things that they are commonly overused, causing tissue and joint irritation, pain, and eventual damage. For example, the increasing use of small-device keyboards means that thumbs are more active than ever in awkward, repetitive movement patterns that are needed to type out texts, posts, and tweets.

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The hand consists of the wrist, palm and fingers. Movements of the hand are controlled by muscles in the forearm extrinsic muscles as well as muscles within the hand itself intrinsic muscles. The movements of the hand and of other body structures are usually described in anatomical terms. These include:.

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Published studies are primarily clinical and epidemiological research but also basic. CiteScore measures average citations received per document published. Read more.

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The hand is distal to the forearm, and its skeletal framework includes the carpus, or wrist. In lay usage, however, the word "wrist" is used for the distal end of the forearm, a wrist-watch being worn over the lower ends of the radius and ulna. The position of the hand at rest is shown in figure


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