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The rhythmic beats of his rise-to-fame story, about a teenage singing hopeful who enters a televised competition, are comfortingly familiar. Yet the poignant, almost despondent mood created by his visual choices and the raw vulnerability of his star, Elle Fanning, transform the pop energy of the soundtrack into a yearning cry to be heard. Fanning plays Violet, a sensitive British year-old who lives with her mother Agnieszka Grochowskaa Polish immigrant.

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As anyone inside the music or TV industries knows there are multiple sides to TV singing competitions. But there is also an intense amount of pressure and rejection that comes with the scrutiny and competition. I'm really interested in what happens behind closed doors.

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She loves her mother and her horse, but her passion is music. She sneaks off to perform covers at a local bar where a handful of elderly men barely lift their hands to applaud when she's finished a song, mostly because they can't be bothered to pay attention. But when she finds out an American Idol -esque competition is holding auditions, she's convinced she's found her pathway to becoming a pop star.

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In Elle Fanning's next film, Teen Spiritshe plays a talented teenager desperately trying to become a pop superstar after entering a music competition show. In addition to watching her balance her humble beginnings with the strange, glamorous new world of the music industry that she wants to be a part of, we get to see her character, Violet, belt out a number of recognizable pop hits. And yes — that's really Fanning singing! Teen Spiritwhich was written and directed by The Handmaid's Tale 's Max Minghella, might not come out until April 5, but in the meantime, you can get a taste of both her and Violet's skills by watching the year-old's cover of the iconic Robyn bop "Dancing on My Own" from the movie.

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It is the pivotal moment of Teen Spirita new pop music coming-of-age fantasia, when Elle Fanning pick up the mic and begins to croon Ellie Goulding. Yet this type of musical expression is one the real-life actor can always recall chasing. And considering during our interview she remembers an audition from when she was four-years-old, that memory stretches pretty far back.

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In the entirety of the music world, teen pop is one of the most popular genres that resonates with its listeners the most. The primary fans of the genre - teenagers - tend to be rabid followers of trends and consumers of culture who actively share their interests with other on social media, so it should come as no surprise that many pop musicians' popularity has shot up with the help of teenagers. While teen pop is generally marketed to teens, the music has the typical elements of pop music - catchy hooks, upbeat lyrics, and simple melodies - that make it appealing to a wide audience.

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School of Rock is where young singers and aspiring vocalists go to learn the fundamentals of singing like breathing, posture and diction. These basic principles are key to strong vocal performances. Our expert voice teachers help guide beginner singers through the early stages of vocal progression, assisting with pitch training, developing timbre and keeping steady tempo.

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Thanks to cable TV giants such as Disney, Nickelodeon and MTV, many teens grow up witnessing kids just like them starring in their own television shows and films and releasing chart-topping albums and music videos. Not everyone who pursues a career in entertainment will achieve the level of success of the stars they admire, but if your teen is considering a singing career, you can get them started on the right path. Find a vocal coach for your teen, or have him enroll in a choral or glee group at his school so that he learns how to sing with proper muscular support. Have your teen choose the songs that she sings the best and that showcase the unique qualities of her voice.

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Who knew Elle Fanning could sing? And in the second trailer, that rabbit hole has never looked so inviting as when scored to an Ellie Goulding-written song, "Lights," as performed by Elle Fanning. She is isolated except when she sings, a fact that is helped by a kindly ex-opera singer living down the street Zlatko Buric. Her aspirations make her both ideal and also endangered in the world of pop dreams and entertainment manipulations.


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