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Years ago I sat down with a group of self-described sexual vampires, and as a forum we discussed the concepts around those we have called so many names. Be it Sexual Vampire, Tantric, Pranic, Eros, Succubus or Incubus the names are less important than the understanding of what it is that drives us to act as we do. Yet the names have some level of importance as well, if only to help us understand how we are the same.

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The chemical reaction between vampires and their human objects of attachment have led to some of the most electric sex scenes in history. While clearly we're attracted to vampires looking at you, Bellaare vampires attracted to us? In honor of Damon, Stefano, Edward Cullen, and all the vampires who have captured our all-too-mortal hearts, we rank the sex drives of the sexiest vampires in pop culture history.

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Kristen has been writing for over 30 years. She graduated from UCF with a B. Today when the topic of the vampires comes up, images of vibrant, youthful, beautiful, sensual death on two legs come to mind.

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Recent scary-lovely Swedish flick Let the Right One In is proof that Twilight can't drain all the magnetism out of vampires. And it adheres to a basic vampire principle by breaking sexual taboos beautifully. Vampires are the sexpots of the undead. Zombies are usually too blood-dribbly and rotted to be players.

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All rights reserved. This year-old skeleton from Sozopol, Bulgariawas found with its teeth removed and stabbed through the chest with an iron rod. Scholars suspect that townspeople did this to ward off vampires—a very real fear in Europe for hundreds of years.

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There are three things that Kendra Porter of Cleveland looks for in a man. She likes them smart, funny, and tall. Warm, conscious, and breathing are givens.

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Yet, despite this, horror and eroticism have always been inextricably linked in cinema due to their mutual appeal to the body, as opposed to the appeal to the mind that is presented in non-genre films. These films, preoccupied as they were with the idea of lesbians as literal bloodsuckers and the disintegration of heterosexual relationships through vampirism, act as a telling lens through which to view straight male anxieties in the wake of the sexual revolution. The image of a typically male monster flying in through a window and biting into the neck of a beautiful younger woman is one that clearly revolves around ideas of penetration, sexual assault, and virginity.

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Home Screen TV Films Documentaries Words Opinion - The Sexuality of Vampires.

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Time slows down. Dark, romantic music plays. A tortured-looking, beautiful man walks into the bar and makes eye contact with an equally beautiful waitress.

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Vampire jewelry, vampire fashion, and vampire make-up are outfitting bloody stylistas. For starters, they're a sinister catch-all who can symbolize everything from sex fantasies to escapism from swine flu worries to darker social issues, experts say. For example, some have viewed F.


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