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Coffee House. James Kirkup. A police force and a City mayor seem to think it might be.

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Last summer, I attended five hen dos, two of which I planned. While all the parties varied, they had one common thread — the penis straw. But suddenly, things feel a little different.

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Known only as Triple D, the year-old from the east coast of America claims to have had 1, sexual partners. According to a report by the BMJ - the global healthcare knowledge provider - one-in-five million males in the world are born this way. We agreed to keep his identity anonymous.

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As long as there have been dicks, there have been nicknames for them. Here we have our Moby Dicks, our Johnnies, our Napoleons. In addition to having comical versus serious connotations, the two terms may even evoke size differences. But not everyone feels this way.

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When did penis become a word that needs to be censored?. It is highly likely that in a majority of sexual battery and molestation cases, you will see that a penis played a significant role. You will never hear in an indictment or a charging document that the victim was sexually battered by a ding-dong, dingaling, wiener, pee-pee ,or thing.

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I n light of the "cock au vin" storyhere is my guide to what not to do with your penis. Pictures of the engorged members of members of parliament will leak. Look at Peter Dowling, the Queensland politician who dunked his in a glass of wine.

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Image courtesy of Michael Yardley. As a woman, I can't quite classify my relationship to the penis, drawn. On a subconscious level, the scrawled outline of a phallus is instinctively as amusing to me as it is a symbol of threateningly unchecked masculinity.

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Did you know that Inuit people have 50 different words for snow? This list has different names for your junk that makes Womb Broom Any ladies need help cleaning their closet?

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It was recently reported that Adolf Hitler may have had a micropenis. But what I found that was especially disheartening was how many jokes I saw from outspoken feminists and progressives. And I know, from experience, the deep shame that comes from having a small penis.

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Dick is a common English euphemism for the human penis. Variants include dickhead, which literally refers to the glans. The offensiveness of the word dick is complicated by the continued use of the word in inoffensive contexts, including as both a given name and a surnamein the popular British dessert spotted dickin the classic novel Moby-Dickand in the Dick and Jane series of children's books. Uses such as these have provided a basis for comedy writers to exploit this juxtaposition through double entendre.


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