How to idenify vintage silverware

But, to be honest, some are much better than others. Use this guide to discover some of the favorite spots where those in the know go online. You will learn to understand and research silver origins, craftsmen, and manufacturers using hallmarks, along with a few online value guides to help you with that daunting task as well.

Silverware is a common find at flea markets and garage sales. The important thing you need to determine is if the silverware you are looking at is pure silver. What is commonly called pure silver is really sterling silver.

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The first step in identifying and establishing the value of silver is to ascertain whether the piece is silver or silver-plated. Sterling silver objects are made of Unfortunately, silver-plated items hold almost no monetary worth.

To identify your sterling silver piece or pattern please answer the following questions:. If the answer is YES proceed to question 2. If your answer is NO you may still want to review the manufacturers trademarks to see if there is a match.

The items had been put there by her late husband and she took them to the Antiques Roadshow where she was surprised to learn that they could be valuable. Have you got some items hidden under your bed? Do you want to know if those old bits and pieces you have lying around could be converted into hard cash?

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You're in the right place. Just follow these step by step instructions and we'll help you solve the mystery. Upload an image of both the front and back of a fork or spoon.

Our illustrated guide highlights the subtle ways you can discover the origins of any piece of silver. One of the most common inquiries at antique shows often has to do with authenticity: How do you know whether or not something is made of real silver? Collectors aren't always looking for pure sterling silverper se, but they should be able to know the value and composition of the pieces they're buying.

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Whether you're an avid collector or simply want a serving piece or two to enhance your holiday table, there's no denying the exquisite beauty of antique flatware patterns. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, manufacturers turned out thousands of gorgeous designs. From sterling to silverplate, Art Nouveau to mid-century modern design, bargains to priceless treasuresthere's at least one pattern out there that's perfect for you.

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It's true: All that glitters is not gold, and the same rule goes for silver. Note that pure silver is a softer metal that wouldn't stand up well to frequent use. Therefore, sterling silver—an alloy of

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